Jun 20, 2017

Do yoga. Remain blessed!


Today the entire Rishikesh has become a yoga city. In fact, after the UN made June 21 as the International Yoga Day and Indian PM Modi pushed it to the large public space, yoga is being 'celebrated' throughout the globe on this day.

Today also happens to be the biggest day in the northern hemisphere and smallest in the southern half.

Sitting here in my one-room hut, I have been shown thousands of pictures and videos of yoga being practised in different ways. While it gives joy to see that people are adopting this - even as an exercise - which will lead to better health habits among people. But the pain comes alive when I see yoga being wrongly done. People falling in the lap of crooks trying to make money by fooling the gullible in the name of yoga. But, at least on this day, let me dwell on this sore point.

Let all of us attain good health and peace of mind. Let all of us be led towards the ultimate bliss. As it is said in Sanskrit:

Tamasorma jyotirgamay.  Let us move from darkness to light.