Jun 5, 2017

Stupid yoga!

Yogis knew it. Not that they have supernatural powers, but they knew that Bikram of Hot Yoga would one day invite trouble for himself. But it has come a bit late, like most karmic penalties.

The way Bikram bent yoga for earning money from a gullible western audience was a remarkable marketing feet indeed. But that too was not unpredictable; people are known to believe all sorts of half-truths and magic potions, and that fills the coffers of people who post videos on fat reduction or libido enhancement.

The list of stupid types of 'yoga' is increasing by the day. The other day, we heard of goat yoga in which a goat or piglet is made to sit on top of guys twisting their bodies like bonsai. We already had dog yoga, kitten yoga, noga (nude yoga), poga (a type of water yoga), beer yoga and what not.

Friends, YOGA is a cleansing and healing regimen, not an entertainment. It is also not twisting your bodies or making them do things beyond your capacity. And believe it, yoga - or its popular procedures, ASANAS and PRANAYAMAS, cannot be a cure-all. It has its limits. It cannot, for example, save a dying cancer patient, can it?

ASANAS and PRANAYAMAS, which are the most rudimentary of yogic exercises, are for cleansing the system for higher level of practices with the ultimate aim towards yoga (=joining) with nature and the ultimate truth. How can these be practised with beer or being nude?

Dear friends, do not be fooled by these ugly forms of psychic mixtures of myth and fraud. They might lead to harm rather than yielding good to body, mind and soul.