Jun 20, 2015

"Yoga reduced to acrobatics," says the Catholic priest, and I agree

'All kinds of yoga are being popularised in western countries these days and some of them do present yoga through a Hindu religious lens,' says Mumbai priest Joseph Pereira. 'Most have just reduced yoga to acrobatics. But yoga is not just a work out – it is a work in.'

Father Joseph Pereira teaches Iyengar yoga around the world. Iyenger yoga is one form of yoga in which yoga is practiced using props. It was adopted from the ancient yoga by BKS Iyengar, a renowned yogi. Pereira has also written a book, 'Yoga for the Practice of Christian Meditation'.

Pereira, a devout Catholic as he is expected to be, describes Christians opposing yoga and branding it as a Hindu export from India as 'God addicts'. 'So many people who come to church every day are lost in religion. They make a fetish out of their idea of God but don’t know what it really means. Jesus, for me, is the supreme yogi, because he spoke about being one with God,' says Pereira.