Feb 17, 2015

Is this yoga? Really?

As if standing on head at a beach
were not enough,
she tries it on a stool!
Is this yoga, indeed?
Yoga is for healing, not for showing how much you can twist your body or how weird poses you can do. Doing postures that don't suit your body may lead to serious injury, and most tough postures that some yoga teachers want you to achieve are not suited for most people.

We have culled out some postures from webpages that, unless done by long-time yoga doers under expert supervision, can harm you very badly.

Let's repeat what we've been saying again and again: do yogic postures (asanas) and breath exercises (pranayamas) that go with your age, physical makeup and condition, and the weather.
Such postures put a lot of
concentrated pressure
on some parts and the heart.

We have been carrying articles on this blog about how you can do yoga safely. The following two articles are examples of how yoga can harm if not done properly. Btw, we'd come with another post in the coming days on safe yoga.
Yoga can really hurt you!
Sarvangasana and potential damage

PS: We have nothing against the postures given here or the websites or organisations encouraging practitioners to do these postures. We hope, these have been learnt by perfectly fit youth under supervision of medical and yoga experts.