Dec 26, 2009

Christmas, holidays, new year and biting cold

We wish you all merry Christmas and a very happy new year.
As the northern hemisphere is reeling under cold, we have the following small bits of advice:
a. Please do not expose your body to extreme cold and do not switch between cold outside and warm inside too often.
b. Please keep the room properly humidified in case you are using strong room warmers. For this, just keep a bucket of water in one corner of the room.
c. Please do not do yoga outside in case you are living in very cold places. At the same time, let the air in the room be fresh. You can choose an open space that is not windy and too cold. If you need to do yoga inside and it is very cold, use exhaust or air circulators or such other mechanism that circulates the inside air with fresh outdoor air; if that is not possible, keep the room slightly open to allow outside air.
d. Do not force air in and out of the nose if the nose-pipe is blocked.
e. If you are old, take extra care while doing bending exercises in winters.
f. Do not insist on jogging in a frozen park; we have explained here how you can get the same results in the comfort of your home.