Oct 13, 2009

One year of our yoga journey on blogspot

One long year has passed since we started this blog.

We have had over 1700 visitors. Discount that by 500 as we ourselves must have visited it so many times during develpment etc, and we get a number that we would never have got in one year had we opened a yoga club or 'ashram'. We feel happy that we have been able to be in touch with so many people. If some people have visited us often, then we were visited by only 900 or 600 or 400 people. That makes us happier because if you visited us more than once, chances are that you found us useful.

Whatever the case, we tried to demystify some notions about yoga and to correct some other notions. We also tried to tell how yoga can be done correctly and without much fuss and without wasting money. Whether we succeeded in that or not, we do not know.

We shall continue writing posts on the blog, albeit at a slow pace. We are sorry for that, dear visitor.