Sep 15, 2009

Yoga in the news - II

continued from the last post...

Four, a research at WVU has shown that yoga asanas help in lower back pain.

More and more research into yoga will, we feel, bring out the benefits of yoga on body, mind and spirit. However, as said in relation to the first news report in the previous post, we feel that yoga should not be limited to curing a particular ailment; it should be taken as a uniting way of life from which gives immense healing benefits as bye-products. If you intend to use some yogic procedure for a specific health benefit, do make it part of a carefully chosen set of asanas / pranayamas. Also, do not over-do a particular procedure. Also remember that yoga can hurt too, if done wrongly as we discuss below.

Five, a well-known physiotherapist has said that he had been getting a large number of people who have injured themselves trying to learn yoga from TV or CDs.

Please see our earlier posts on this issue. On this blog, we have been spending more time cautioning you against the unintended injuries due to abuse of yoga procedures than telling about yoga’s benefits.

We feel that learning yoga under the supervision of an expert is the best option, but if you do not have such a facility of you don’t afford that, you can definitely learn it through TV, CDs / DVDs and websites. Look for a TV show, website or CD/DVD in which the teaching session is conducted by an expert [ you can see a few videos of simple asanas and pranayamas done by Baba Ramdev]. Take all the precautions told by that expert, learn patiently and pay heed to your body’s responses to individual exercises. Take advice from experts whenever in doubt; take medical advice if you have a health issue or you feel something is going wrong after you have tried a particular yoga asana / pranayama / other procedure. Start with easy ones and stop when you reach the duration / occurrences prescribed by the expert. You take case of these, you will never repent for learning yoga from a CD / DVD or a TV show or a website or a combination of these. If we can be of any help, tell us.