Jul 15, 2009

Stray do's and don'ts

This post is in response to feedback about doing yoga correctly.

1. If you are having a tingling sensation in the nose or if the nose goes numb while doing anulom vilom pranayama, chances are that you are pressing it too hard. Just press the nose lightly and the problem will go. We discover that we have not posted a detailed post yet on anulom vilom; we’ll come back with such a post soon.

2. If you have a weak spine [e.g. you have chronic back pain] and start feeling uncomfortable/ ache while sitting to do pranayamas for long durations, take support of wall or some other hard object while sitting.

3. In this post, we had mentioned about a person’s supposedly bad experience with bhramari. We have been following that case and are happy to report that ‘heaviness’ in his throat is now fully healed and he has now been experiencing all the goodness of bhramari and this pranayama has not caused him any side effect.

4. Which asana is better for doing pranayamas: Padmasana or Sidhdhasana?
We have been advocating sidhdhasana or a comfortable cross-leg position. The idea is to sit on a comfortable [but not spongy] mat, in a comfortable posture with straight spine, relaxed body and calm mind, and have fresh air and overall cleanliness. Rest is jargon!