May 29, 2009

Yoga websites

We did some web-surfing to check what all was being written in various websites on yoga these days. We came across some interesting description of yoga, also equally interesting advice on ailments and procedures. The claims about yoga’s power in treating diseases were also eye-opening. We have copy-pasted them on our computer and would share them with you now and then. Stating with these three:

A major yoga and pilates conference is to be held sometime next year. By the information given on the site, it will be a grand affair by all counts. Their site is very well designed and fits well as a marketing tool for what appears like a trade show. They have a slide show on the site with people in soothing poses but some yoga poses/ pilates they are doing are better not done by the common people . [Are we all as healthy and chiselled-bodied as the models?] This takes us to a new fad of ‘fusing’ yoga with pilates, or yogilate as they have started calling it. This new health-mantra is supposed to give you a dancer’s body.

One site tells you that if you have migraine, you stand on your head [=shirshasana]. This, it says, will improve blood circulation in your brain and get you rid of all brain problems including migraine. [We shudder at the thought of somebody suffering from migraine doing shirshana.]

A yoga site teaches yoga online, charges you very little [not more than $30 per month after discounts] and promises you a body that is fit for circus [it does not use the word ‘circus’ but it shows the teacher doing great body-twists].