Jun 20, 2009

yoga for constipation

Many people suffer [by one guestimate, about 100 million worldwide!]from sluggish bowel movement. In many cases, chronic constipation is accompanied by bursts of irregular bowel syndrome [IBS].

Constipation can occur due to many reasons and its cure depends on properly curing that root cause. For example, constipation caused by ulceration in lower parts of the food canal cannot be cured by remedies that would help constipation caused due to deficiency of some vitamins. Remember that yoga will not cure constipation overnight; in fact your bowel movements might even slow down if you start yogic exercises and have not been exercising your abdominal muscles before. However, if you practise asanas regularly, it will help in all types of constipation by exercising the alimentary canal and associated body parts and also by correcting the flow of juices [both, digestive juices and other internal secretions].

We have been repeating again and again, it is not generally desirable to do asanas keeping specific ailments in mind, but to do a good yoga regimen correctly and regularly. So, we do not recommend doing asana A, B or C to get rid of constipation, because it will be against the sound principles of yoga. For example, some asanas are done in pair, some pairs are counter-poses of each other, and if abused, even yoga may even result in pain, overactivity of some glands, internal haemorrage, etc.

So, our advice will be to be patient and follow a regular yoga regimen. If there appears to be a serious health issue behind it, get it medically diagnosed and treated. In normal cases, yoga alongwith better dietary and bowel habits would definitely relieve you of constipation and the many problems it in turn causes. Please have a look at this post for a standard set of yoga procedures if you have not been following this blog regularly.