Apr 20, 2009

Pranayama> Bhramari> III: benefits

Many of the benefits of pranayamas are known to us through yoga gurus and experience. However, since systematic research on yoga procedures is only a recent phenomenon, only sporadic findings are available. Yet, the initial research and empirical data from yoga camps show that yogic procedures, especially pranayamas, do have beneficial effect on nervous system/brain, blood pressure, heart, cholesterol and sugar levels, and so on. When we do yoga systematically for a long time, we experience its profound impact on our physical and mental health; it is not always possible to say which benefit came from which asana or pranayama or which combination.

Bhramari pranayama is a nerve calming pranayama. It is found to reduce tension, anxiety and blood pressure. People have reported reduced migraine pain after doing this pranayama for a few days.
Bhramari is a must for those wanting to meditate and keep their mind calm.
If you are in a highly stressful job, do practise this pranayama for a few days and you will realise that the tendency to get worked up during tense moments has come down significantly. This will indirectly help you in many other ways.

In two often quoted studies it was found that bhramari reduced anxiety and tension during surgery and post-operative recovery AND it led to less number of complications during childbirth and higher infant weight.

Bhramari has also been reported to be helpful in these cases: menopause, ear problems, withdrawal symptoms [during drug rehab programs], diabetes.