Apr 21, 2009

As we promised, no more ads, even for experimentation

We are happy to see over a thousand visitors to this blog. We have seen bloggers announcing millions of visitors in seven months, but we are really happy to find that a thousand people did visit us and perhaps a few hundred made use of the info and advice we have given here. Some of you seem to be visiting the blog again and again, and that gives us more pleasure.

So, we removed the link-referral link and also all ad-sense ads from the blog. Your hits on the ads did generate some dollars, which we will let lapse. As said earlier, we are not in the business of making money out of this blog or of popularising it for popularity sake.

Our only request to the prospective visitors is - kindly make the best use of the information and advice that we give here. You are free to use it the way you want, but only for the welfare of your own and/or the society. If you use the contents of this blog in your book/ blog/ site, we'll appreciate if you notify us. But that is your sweet will.