Mar 30, 2009

Yoga for beauty

We'll perhaps have time to talk how yogic procedures help a person turn beautiful, but right now we are in a slightly cynical mood. Yoga in its highest form would have no room for cynicism, as much as it would ignore the crap appearing in the media in the name of yoga, exhibitionism and crass commercialisation of yoga. But we feel, it is our duty to share with you what we don’t ascribe to.

You might have seen photos and videos of a very famous beauty queen telling before cameras and flashlights that the secret of her youth, energy and fitness was yoga. The next time she was asked what made her face glowing, and the reason she gave was yoga. Now, what she said might be her honest notion and what she said might help in the spread of yoga. But that does not make us too happy. The yoga spread this way would be yoga focussed on making you look beautiful the way creams, exercises, massage and facials etc do. Yoga becomes a product that is sold, bought and flaunted. Some viewers and readers of channels/mags in which the lady appeared will turn fans of this consumerist form of yoga, which we feel goes against the yoga spirit. On the other hand, some will not get the promised benefits after doing yoga for a month and may call it a bluff. We feel that yoga loses in both these situations.

DVDs of a beautiful Indian actress are selling like hot cakes in the UK, it is reported, as she tells women how to have a slim waist without dieting. Her yogic postures are said to be perfect, having been overseen by master yogis. And yes, her postures are erotic, they are entertaining to males, they cause envy in women wanting to look beautiful. They serve a purpose, they sell too well [which itself is supposed to be a great virtue], but do they teach you the essence of yoga?

Another actress’s near-naked poses in jungles, in various yogic postures, have appeared on u-tube. In another website, a heroine is seen dancing and claiming that this type of yoga merges your spirit with the holy spirit. Some sites tell you how to awaken your kundalinis, the energy centres in the body, for supernatural powers. A website lists a number of asanas and tells, for flat tummy, you do this, for well-shaped breasts do this, for curved waist do that, and so on. We find that such efforts to sell yoga are mostly unethical.

We are sure, yoga makes you beautiful; but whether you will look beautiful after doing yoga for ages, we can’t say. We doubt the claims that yoga chisels your features and firms up your body parts to give you a perfect body according to the going fad. Yoga, done in a proper way and in yogic spirit, will heal your body and spirit. If you call that beauty, fall in the lap of yoga and enjoy its fruits; if not, do yoga as an exercise regimen until you are fed up with it.