Feb 18, 2009

who are we

We are two disciples of a yogi. One of us happens to be influenced by the new tech tools and the other one is [by the first one's reckoning] supposed to have more knowledge about the body, the mind, the spirit and their links with yoga.

We intend to share with the world the little knowledge of yoga that we have, and to share it free of cost and without gaining individual popularity for this effort.

Then why have you put ad_sense advts on the blog, you might ask. And you might also ask why do we not have an ashram or a school to teach yoga for free. This would be a better way to help people, you might think.

We thought some of our visitors might think what we have written above, and so our explanations here:

We have put ad_sense ads on the blog after a lot of discussion among us, and then the techie one prevailed with the following argument: Let us explore. I am sure, not much money would flow to us, and if at all we get a penny or two we will donate 50 percent of it right away to charity and about the rest too we would decide when it comes. We have not got any mentionable sums so far and we do NOT call upon you to hit the advts only for the sake of filling our coffers. We might, based on some more experience, do away with adsense.

We are ordinary people, with our families to tend. We also believe in having an ethical way of life. So, we do not have time or energy or money enough to open yoga ashram or school where we can teach yoga for free.