Jan 17, 2009

Replacing yoga teacher? Am I sounding weird?

After posting a number of posts on this blog, I am asking this question more to myself than you. Am I sounding weird?

Let me clarify some points if I have even remotely given impression that I am here to replace yoga classes. Even if I ever think of doing so, I do not have the required knowledge, resources and perseverance. But I am not thinking of it even in my dreams. There is no doubt that it is easy, safe and scientific to learn yoga [for that matter, anything] from a teacher in person. Perhaps no other medium can teach things better than a human being. More so, when teaching is done in a class: it has added advantages of shared learning and motivation to continue performing yoga. At the same time, I must repeat what I have been saying: the teacher should be one you can depend upon for his/her sincerity and knowledge.

This begs another question: whether yoga can be learnt at all online or using CDs / audio tapes / books? Yes, it can be if the medium is exhaustive in its content and approach. In some CDs, you have an interactive element too. Learning yoga online is possible if the site is thorough in dealing with the subject. Besides, you can clear your doubts using various interactive tools. However, let me repeat my concern again: the site should be genuine in its purpose and should be run by a professional. It should not be a mere copy-and-paste of content found elsewhere or a collection of half-baked information. My experience after surfing a large number of sites is that many sites are in fact a mix of both; in addition they want to sell this un-dependable stuff!

So friends, this blog is not meant to replace anything: it is meant to share with you the knowledge of / information on some aspects of yoga and keep reminding you against what all undesirable is being served in the name of yoga.