Jan 13, 2009

More on healing

Faith healing is much above treating with medicines etc, that’s what experience tells and science – like always, in case of human issues – will follow reluctantly. I have seen umpteen number of times that people with chronic and even terminal diseases are cured when they come in contact with a saintly person. To just give one living example, in Kerala, India, many hundred-thousand people get cured just by embracing Amma.

But what do you say when saintly people are able to cure ailments and pains of infants? Infants, as we are made to understand by today’s science, do not have the baggage of psycho-somatic ailments. They also do not seem to know that some people are saintly, and perhaps they do not think of saints as someone who will cure them. Yet, they are cured by a mere look or touch of a saintly person.

In fact, all animals and plants [maybe, things we consider non-living] seem to be influencing our lives in many, sometimes significant, ways. Maybe, after a hundred years we will know the affect of their blessings and curses on our health and overall well-being [maybe not, because by then we would have ‘conquered’ outer space and unimaginable new frontiers of science and technology]. A hundred years back, did we know that many of our common diseases were caused by viruses? Did we, at that time, know that our bodies created electro-magnetic field?

‘Enough of your rants,’ you might say, so must come back to the points I was trying to make:

  • Make the best use of yoga for your health - done properly, it will only help you and not hurt in any way;
  • Do yoga in its entirety [with time, age, physique and life-style limitations, of course], rather than searching for specific asanas and pranayamas for different parts of the body;
  • Make yoga a way of life, to whatever extent you can [the foremost canons to follow will be to do things in moderation and to try to be in peace with oneself and others];
  • If possible, learn yoga from people who will teach you yoga with the primary objective of giving you better health, curing your ailments, reducing your pain. From people who can wish you good health from the deep of their hearts. Not from people who are primarily interested in your money.
  • Believe in your healing powers. If you are an atheist, use your communication with your God for health and well being.
  • Perhaps your self-healing power and the power to heal others depends on your conduct. So be kind to others, wish good to others, serve others self-lessly.