Dec 9, 2008

Yoga for cholesterol

Cholesterol is a big health concern today, with a large proportion of population having high levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in blood. The bad cholesterol [LDL] leads to blockage of arteries which in turn results in life-threatening heart and arterial diseases. Triglycerides lead to other ailments too.

There is a great deal of recorded medical evidence of yoga lowering bad glycerides and increasing good ones. A number of studies across the world have proved beyond doubt that constant practice of asanas and pranayams helps in numerous ways, including balancing of lipid levels in blood. One such empirical study by Patanjali Yogpeeth of Swami Ramdev can be seen here.

The practice of yoga destresses the body and improves and oxygen flow: these together may be the reasons why yoga helps in effectively reaching the desirable levels of cholesterol.

One does not need to practice asanas for hours or do difficult asanas to get the desired benefits. The simple yoga procedures given below can balance cholesterol levels even in a few weeks:

kapal bhati pranayam [already desctribed earlier and will be dealt with in detail in forthcoming posts] along with anulom-vilom pranayam,
a collection of simple asanas or surya namaskar [to be given in detail later], and
meditation [which can be done after asanas and pranayams, and even while doing pranayams].

In fact, the simple and quick asana-pranayam regime given earlier would do wonders not only for cholesterol but overall metabolism.