Dec 17, 2008

revisiting 'Yoga and Religion'

I had had my views on whether yoga is OK for followers of Christians, Muslims and many other religions. [links to the related posts: one, two, three]

Since this issue seems to be crossing the minds of many people again and again, let me give links to some interesting discussions I found on the net.

*This article argues how yoga can help you deepen your faith in your own religion.
*This one discusses many points of view, and is further commented upon by people with diverse opinions.
*This article is based on interviews with three religious prctitioners - two Catholics and one Jew - and comes to conclusion that it is possible to balance the seemingly opposite concepts and benefit from them.
*This interesting and lively [though not serious] discussion among young people starts with fatwa against yoga and has very many personal comments.
This article tries
*This is a serious argument from an Indian's perspective, how yoga is a science suitable for all.
I will end with a very erudite and serious discourse on yoga, Hinduism and Christianity.

Sorry, some links might break if the original source is removed subsequently.