Nov 29, 2008

Yoga: it's so soothing, it feels boring

All gentle exercises [in fact all such activities] are prone to boredom. After all, the nervous tissue that makes our brain and sense organs wants to experience stimulation; gentle exercises by their very nature do not provide that type of sensual stimulus.

So, after some days of asanas, pranayams and other yoga procedures, you are likely to feel that things have become quite routine. Once the initial excitement goes down OR the discomfort or pain because of which you started yoga comes down OR you find the poses too simple and kiddish to be taken seriously OR you experience some pain or discomfort after starting yoga, YOU WILL NEED TO GOAD YOURSELF TO CONTINUE YOGA. In some cases one starts experiencing the benefits of yoga on body and/or mind and/or spirit from the very beginning; if this happens to you, do use this positive feeling to continue yoga. But if you have not got the desired benefits, keep doing yoga and trying to standardise your poses and procedures. You can seek expert advice, including through this blog [please post your queries to]. But in any case, continue yoga for at least three months before deciding whether to continue it further or not.

You can also do the following to make yoga more interesting:
a- doing yoga in groups
b- playing a soft music while doing yoga
c- joining yoga camps periodically
d- teaching yoga to children
e- doing your daily prayers while doing yoga
f- going to the next stage: experiencing joy and spiritual strength through yoga