Nov 25, 2008

Yoga in times of stress

These are times when people are suffering from stress, mostly stress caused by economic meltdown. This stress can be killing, literally: stress is known to cause and aggravate a large number of problems including those of heart, blood pressure, head, digestion, glands, kidney, joints... Some of them are what we call psycho-somatic disorders and some can be directly emotional and psychic.

Even worse is that this cycle of global stress is affecting the youth more than the old as the youth see their present and future enveloped in darkness.

Yoga and its sister, meditation, are among the most potent preventives and curatives, both, against stress. Research has proven, and experience of thousands has shown, that these practices immediately relieve stress and improve the ability to think clearly. These also very effectively relieve tension in the heart and blood vessels, reduce nervous irritability and reduce blood pressure.

Obviously, doing yoga and meditation will not directly get a management graduate his or her job back if their company has busted, but even in such dire situations, these will help him maintain a stress and anxiety free, healthy life, improve their employability vis-a-vis those stressed, and let them think better how to come out of the situation.

Which yoga?
If you are new to yoga, I suggest that you start with simple relaxation exercises; practice anulom-vilom and kapal bhati pranayams; sit calm and try to concentrate on a physical object / God / nothing: you can do these as many times in the day as possible - in office, at traffic lights, at home, whenever stress builds up. Since stress has the tendency to come up again and again, have positive attitude and faith in life [and God if you are a believer] to get out of stress more permanently. [I am not venturing here into how to use spirituality to live a completely stress-free life, because that seems to be beyond this blog.]
Have a regular yoga schedule, starting with a very simple, easy and small regimen as described in an earlier post on this blog.