Oct 29, 2008

Yoga and overall health

I have been advising people to perform yogic exercises for overall health, not focussing on different ailments. Of course, when you develop an ailment, you should focus on the exercises pertaining to that ailment. If you shed laziness and/or disbelief in the benefits of yoga early in life and when you are healthy, there is likelihood that you will develop very few organic ailments.

In this blog, time permitting, I will keep adding the proven benefits of yoga based on research and long experience. If you are living in India or the USA, you can have many occasions to watch Swami Ramdev perform yoga live; in his yoga camps you will find a score of people getting up to narrate their experiences of having got rid of many chronic diseases that allopathy could not cure. Knowing the power of yoga, I assure you that these are not stage-managed. On the other hand, I find a large number of websites giving pseaudo-scientific reasoning to show why and how various yoga exercises benefit us. This unnecessary promotion, I believe, leads to people becoming unsure of yoga. Another group of people/websites measure yoga in terms of 'modern' medical science. We must understand that yoga is a knowledge that has been built over centuries by careful examination and traditional validation. It deals with body-mind-spirit as a whole which needs to be treated/cured/healed as one, not as a sum of stomach, heart, femur, eye, etc. [Perhaps that is the reason it is yoga, ie. joining together.]

So, though I will keep sharing my own and others' knowledge on disparate benefits of yoga, I will pray to all to kindly treat yoga as a holistic healing system rather than an alternate system of medicine inferior to modern medicine. Forgive the repetition, but I must stress this point.