Jun 6, 2008

Shavasana - worth it?

I am sometimes asked why should we have shavasana after performing other asanas. It seems to be a pose just to rest, and you could rest while sitting also, so what is great about shavasana?
Yes, there is nothing that great about shavasana. It is a way to relax and if you can relax standing that is OK, but it is the standard posture for relaxation, especially after exercises. In shavasana, you lie down, relaxing all voluntary muscles of your body. Doing it for about five minutes after half an hour’s asanas would very smoothly transit you from asanas to other activities.
We must do shavasana not only after the entire series of asanas but also after long sequences of individual asanas and/or tough asanas specially the ones that greatly stretch and bend the body and those pressing endocrine glands and thus causing secretion of hormones [eg. surya namaskar, shirshasana, sarvangasana, halasana]. Shavasana is also needed if you have been in any one posture for a long time.
Remember not to fall into sleep during shavasana. You may go into a trance or meditate but only if you know these practices well and know the precautions.